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There are countermeasures for the overall wardrobe purchase, let you become the "old bird" of home decoration

As the saying goes, there is a specialty in the art industry, and one cannot be proficient in everything.Maybe you are a career elite, but at the same time,you may be a shopping rookie.

5Th Anniversary Celebration of Beautiful Hardware

I am glad that we are expecting the 5th Anniversary of Beautiful Hardware in Sep 2015 . We would like to extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes to Beautiful Hardware on the occasion of her

China stands firm on cutting excess steel, coal capacity

From Chinadaily - The Chinese government has reiterated its firm stance on cutting excess steel and coal capacity in response to an emerging backlash from producers prompted by recent price hikes.

he 124Th Canton Fair Invitation

The 124Th Canton Fair Invitation Glad to inform you that Beautiful Hardware takes part in 124TH Canton Fair in Guangzhou,China.

Exhibition Invitation

top Manufacturer of Shop fittings. Guangzhou Beautiful Hardware. Welcone to meet us at:booth Hall 1/G47-4 session:5-9 march,2017

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China 's raw material prices are rising rapidly.steel is rising by 45%, chrome plating is rising by 10%, even the cost of cartons are also rising by 100%.
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Guangzhou Beautiful Hardware Manufacture Ltd

Guangzhou Beautiful Hardware Manufacture Ltd

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