Gridwall Hook

Gridwall Hook

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  • Product Description
  • Unique Gridwall Display Peg Hooks Grid Panel Hanger Store Fixture 
    Colors: Chrome, Black, White
    Hook diameter 4mm,5mm,6mm
    Durable and strong
    Hang your merchandise neatly on these Gridwall Display Hooks! Using these hooks to aid in the displaying of your hanging merchandise will maximize the space on your wall and make your displays more efficient. Hanging room allows you to hang multiple items while only taking up the space of one item! These gridwall peg hooks will attach to any wire grid. These display peg hooks will blend in and will not distract from your merchandise.


    Part Number BX-052c
    Product Gridwall display hook
    Material Steel
    Finish Chrome plated or powder coated
    Length 100mm/150mm/200mm/250mm/300mm...
    Wirediam 4mm/5mm/6mm
    MOQ 2000 pcs
    Package 100pcs/carton
    Lead time 15-20 working days


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