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Aluminum Double Slot Wall Upright 2400mm for Shop Decoration

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Aluminum double slot wall upright 2400mm for shop decoration

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Color Aluminum
Configuration Vertical structure
Length 2400mm
Width 50mm
Surface finish Natural anodized,Mill finish
Hole spec. 1'' slot on 2'' centers
Features Double slotted
Usage Build up wall display system with hangrail and panel

* For Clothing shop decorative use
* To display the merchandise 
*  Idea build up display system with 18mm thick Panel

Double hole upright and single upright are optional :

Application of Alumiinum strip :

Create an attractive and sturdy wall display with aluminum double H channel.  Recessed standards provide the best support for shelf and hangrail brackets while being barely visible to the shopper.

By using recessed standards, you get a clean, unobstructed look that focuses attention on your merchandise.  aluminum double channel is an upscale, contemporary solution to your display needs.

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